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About us

UAB Resko offers customs brokerage, warehousing and cargo handling services. We were established in 2010. Although we are a young company, we have qualified specialists with many years of experience in the service sector. The company currently has 17 employees, all who are ready at all times to help you in the issues of customs brokerage, cargo storage and handling.

Representatives of our customs brokers have all the required certificationsand licenses, allowing to us to represent not only legal persons, but also individuals in the customs. We also have two warehouses and the necessary equipment for loading of different size and weight of cargo. Our warehouses are conveniently located near the Kaunas local Customs post, allowing us to quickly carry out all customs formalities.

The warehouses are strategically located near the international road Via Baltica (Kaunas western bypass),  providing easy access and avoiding urban ...

Modern cargo handling equipment and qualified personnel allows us to simultaneously serve a large fleet of vehicles and cargo traffic. ...

Qualified and experienced customs brokers will quickly and professionally handle all customs procedures and all related documentation.